Zero Discharge

Autoswage’s mission to become zero discharge has been a long and sometimes difficult task. We had many people tell us it cannot be done, many more said it was too expensive. I always looked at it and the total cost of not doing it and came to the conclusion, it has to be done. After a year and a half of learning about water treatment it became obvious to us that one reason it was so difficult is some of the necessary equipment is not available, and in some cases not even designed yet. So, in the same spirit my grandfather Bart had, we designed equipment and built it ourselves, I even learned how to weld! The next thing we learned was that equipment alone would not get zero discharge, we had to conserve, use less water, MUCH less water. At the start of this process Autoswage was using 20,000 gallons of water a day in its plating facility; we learned we had to get that to 2,000 gallons a day. Through changes in processes, additional equipment and again designing our own equipment we met that goal and now use 1/10th the water we used to. So now every gallon of water used in our finishing department goes through a treatment process, gets cleaned then gets pumped back to the department for reuse.