Plating and Finishing

Autoswage is one of the very few manufacturers of component parts who maintain their own plating and finishing department. I get asked often why we go through the environmental hassles of keeping this capability. There are several answers to that, first is Customer Service; by keeping this capability in house we control quality, cost and lead time. If there ever were a problem, we cannot point a finger down the road to a sub-contractor, it’s all on us. I am also not adding another companies profit to your piece price and if we need to, I can take parts that are run off of one our machines in the morning bring it to plating and ship it that afternoon.

The next part of the question was about the environmental hassle. The way we answered that was to remove the environmental concern. For many years the processes to treat plating facilities waste has evolved, Autoswage has always been on the leading edge of that technology because we do not have the luxury of a sewer at our facility. All our waste water has had to be treated to a higher standard, a standard in which we were allowed to discharge our water directly to a river. This honestly did mean a hassle, also a lot of labor and expense. When I took over as President it was one of my first missions to improve on. We set out on a mission to become a zero discharge facility.

Plating Processes

Autoswage is a very specialized plating shop. We are what we like to call “Craft Platers” our niche is small parts that are delicate, parts that are tough to clean and prepare for plating and parts that have a very strict visual appearance. To be honest, if you have 1,000 lbs. of screws for commercial nickel plating I am not your shop. However, if you have 1 million contacts that are so small they will fit in a sandwich bag, and they need plating, we are your supplier.

Autoswage has a half dozen different size plating barrels ranging from a capacity of about 100 lbs. to smaller than a coffee cup. We also have 3 different sized vibratory plating machines for parts that are too delicate for the barrel process.

The finishes we currently offer are: