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Autoswage - Manufacturer of high quality contact pins, connector pins and small metal parts

High Quality Contact Pins, Connector Pins and Small Metal Parts at Less Cost

Autoswage has been a trusted manufacturer of contact pins, connector pins, and specialty electronic and mechanical small metal parts in Shelton, Connecticut since 1946. Having developed a proprietary cold form rolling process, the company has built its reputation for providing both small businesses and the world's leading manufacturers like IBM, Tyco, GE, GM, BMW and Apple with high quality parts at significantly lower costs over machined parts.

Autoswage serves a variety of industries including but not limited to consumer electronics, computers, luggage, handbags, automotive, lighting, locks, furniture, medical, and telecommunications.


Welcome Message from Autoswage President Keith Brenton

Autoswage was established by my grandfather, Bartley E. Hall, and two partners, in a small garage on Roberts Street in Shelton, Connecticut in late 1946. It was originally called HGH Products and produced contact pins for fluorescent lighting. In 1952 operations moved to the Star Pin Building on Canal Street and the name was officially changed to Auto-Swage Products. At that time, Grandfather bought out his two partners and became the sole owner.

An innovative spirit led Bart to design the Automatic Die Swaging machine which was used until 2010 as the primary production process. Due to changes in our markets it was determined that Swaging process was no longer the most beneficial production method for Autoswage. Today our focus is on the Automatic Die Rolling(ADR) and Cold Heading manufacturing processes. Although we no longer use Bart’s invention, his spirit of finding a better way is still alive and we use that to push the capabilities of our processes and to produce high quality pins at faster production rates and lower costs than screw machines and other manufacturing processes. Our customers today continue to benefit from his foresight and technical acumen.

Autoswage has been at its 28,000 square foot River Road address since 1966. It was at this facility that plating services were established in the mid-sixties. Donald L. Brenton, my father and Grandfather Hall's son in law, joined the firm in 1966 and successfully led the company until his retirement in 1998. Sadly, Grandfather Hall passed away in 1973.

We are now a 3rd generation family business with the 4th generation working their way up. We continue the family tradition of providing our clients with high quality parts, personalized customer service and the lowest possible prices. In a continued effort to ensure high quality standards in our operations we maintain our ISO9001:2008 certification.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to getting to know you.


Keith Brenton